About this challenge

One of the things you might be wondering “How the f did it get so far?!”. And I’ve asked myself that question a lot as well. The thing is by asking that question over and over you remain in the headspace of the problem and I needed to get to the solution. That is exactly what this challenge is about.

But I’ll answer it anyway.

It got so far because I made every possible rookie mistake in my startup.

This is how I see it. I got some outstanding education in return! And it sounds like the perfect start of a success story. So yeah. Thank you Universe for my multiple learning experiences. Lessons learned and lets move on and create something spectacular utilising everything I’ve learned.

Now that I have a lot of hands-on experience of how not to do things and how to do things I believe I have way higher probability of succeeding.

So what’s the goal here. The subtitle says it all but I’ll elaborate a bit.

“Financial freedom in two years” while having a substantial debt. Is it possible? I believe so. Especially with the feeling I have about this challenge. If we crunch the numbers even financial stability would be a challenge but let’s reach for the stars and see where I end up after two years.

I will break down every day with my expenses and income and update the total balance. With some stories that I either experience that day or some other stories about some past encounters. My plan is to write 730 blog posts in the coming two years.

Hopefully at the least it can entertain you in some way, shape or form. Even better if it would help you to get to financial freedom. The best would be if that happened to you and me and that we can create an awareness in financial institutions about this topic.

It’s usually about victim mentality. The one owing the money feels like a victim because they get barraged with threats. The one that is owed money feels like a victim because they haven’t gotten their money back yet.

Lets all take our own responsibilities and stop complaining and start being awesome instead!

*Mic drop*

David out!