Day 1

New project: Freedom in Two (years)

Starting today I’m gonna show the dark side of my life that I’ve only ever discussed with the people closest to me.

I will peel back all the layers and be as transparant as possible about everything in my life.

I’m a closet-debt-haver or whatever you might call it. I build up “massive” amounts of debt during the first 5 years of starting my own company.

This channel is meant to show people what it’s like to live like this. Not just wealthy people or even poorer people. I want to show the world that we can be more civilized about this and ways to make things easier for the one collecting money and the one in debt.

This will not always be nice to see or hear but I think it’s really important to show this side and make people aware of the impact it has on one’s life.

Since I’m a personal development junkie and love to challenge myself I challenged myself to create freedom in two years -> Freedom in Two.

I will share the whole experience with whoever reads this and thereby completing my other challenge on a daily basis. My discomfort challenge.
Do 1 thing that you really don’t want to do today. Be as uncomfortable as possible. Just 1 thing. That’s it.

It really scares my to post this part of my life and as I am writing this I feel a cringe even thinking about it.

Which must mean that I have to do it. The things that feel most uncomfortable and that you really want to avoid are the things you make the most progress in. That is a butchered variant of a quote I once heard and it’s true!

Okay. So lets get to this. What will I be sharing?

– My daily income and expenses
– My current balance on my personal and business account
– Total debt -> which will decrease over time
– Stories of debtcollectors at my door, phone, email, whatsapp, facebook, etc
– Monthly overviews of income and expenses
– Takeaways from how I’m doing so far
– Awesome things to do with (next to) no money

As today is day 1 I will share the figures as I know them right now. They might not be 100% accurate but it’s what I know now.

Day 1:

Expected expenses today:
– € 7,50 for playing indoor soccer/ football

Expenses yesterday:
– € 0,00

Expected income today:
– Nothing concrete. But I just launched a Fiverr gig (I will add crash reports to your iOS app) yesterday so hopefully I will get my first customer there.

Income yesterday:
– € 0,00

Debt balance:
IRS: 2077,74+8739+633+1329+3151+261+3151+377+65+46+65+46+233+66+65+54+65+54+337+64+455,54+16+3213+263+3177+260+4915,88+3066+255+1558+153+1558+153+1326+126+1156+126+65+46+945+114+1802+171+841+105 = € 46.745,16
Business: 8.266,58 + 750 (fu) + 13.000 (p) = € 22.016,58
Personal: 6.000 (o) + 442,79 (zv) + 400 (q) + 500 (dh) + 417,90 (fa) + 825 (rent this month) + 125 (pp) = € 8.710,69

Total (to the best of my knowledge):
€ 77.472,43 (about $ 90.000)

There are probably still a few things missing here. I just can’t seem to find the perspective on this to keep the overview in my head. It’s good that I just made this overview because in my head it was only around 60k. But there are a lot of fines that I have to pay which is almost 30% of the total. Which is actually kind of weird when you think about it. “Okay mister! Since you aren’t able to pay this [amount] you will have to pay this [extra amount] because you don’t have the money.” Ehh yeah… That’s not really gonna work hmmmkay. I’ve told this to some of my collectors but they are not able to explain to me why this is the case. Probably when you’re in the money business the only solution you see is money. Lets change this as well in the coming two years! I have a lot of thoughts on this and at some point I will happily share them with you.

This overview might be enough to abandon all hope and just ball up in a corner and cry but I feel perfectly fine and I’m ready to crush this challenge.

Even in the best case scenario where I work fulltime for my full hourly rate it will still take me more than 4 months (90 fulltime workdays) of € 110 an hour to close the gap. By the way this is without my monthly expenses. I will need some things on the side as well to really get to that clean sheet.

€ 11,35

Current balance personal account:
€ 63,33

Current balance business account:
€ 0,09


Balance day 1:
– € 77.397,66



Two weeks before I started this week some instance seized this amount from my two bank accounts and this is still visible every day until they actually book it over. I’ll mention it now on day one and I’ll probably mention it again once they transfer the money. Nice for the complete overview but not interesting enough for other days.

Confiscated/ frozen money in personal account:
€ 331,80

Confiscated/ frozen money in business account:
€ 57,20

Open invoices (not really but that’s the best way to put it right now):
– Codementor $ 300
– Prototype app -> € 1.000 (in a few weeks) ex VAT
– NPO app -> € 3.600 (within two months)
€ 4.900,00

Right now it’s really messy but I’ll get the hang of it and change the format over time.

Over the course of the next two years I will show you what I’m doing and how I’m getting to freedom. I will share the good, the bad and the ugly 🙂 Stay tuned!


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