Day 105

Hahahahaha oh my god!

I had the best kick-off in the history of kick-offs.

This was weird as hell. Those civil servants crack me up. It was so ridiculous that it was funny.

So here’s what happened:

A little backstory for those who don’t have a product creation role of some sorts.

Usually (read: always except for yesterday) you have a kick-off meeting to introduce yourself and know who everyone is that is involved in the project.

This already failed because the new guys (me and two others) started introducing themselves to the people.

The internal developers showed up late! I had to travel over an hour and they literally sat next door. But okay time can creep up on you and I assume they were having so much fun that they were late. Sure. Can happen. I do it all the time.

But they sat down one was 10 minutes late and the other about 30 to 40 minutes. And they wouldn’t introduce themselves instead they told us what they were definitely NOT going to do this project.

I still thought okay I like that! Setting boundaries is a good thing. I love the clarification. So far I was still empathetic.

And here it comes.

The guy that said he wanted to develop and not manage the team was asked to make his (yes HIS) todo list so we could add it to the pile and put it in the management software.

He starting talking really loud, making gestures, flames in his eyes. NO I AM NOT DOING THAT I AM A DEVELOPER AND I WILL QUIT THE PROJECT RIGHT NOW IF I HAVE TO DO ANYTHING THAT IS NOT DEVELOPING!!!!!!!

And I started to laugh. A wtf laugh. Thinking to myself:

“Sure thing! Later brah!”

This continued throughout the whole kick-off. It was so epic.

I instantly understood why so many government projects are failing. You can’t create anything if you have people on your team with these kinds of attitudes.

It actually got way weirder but I won’t go into those details because I will have to go into details which I am not allowed.

So what you usually have at the end of the kick-off is a clear list of what to do and knowing who will do what.

The only two people that are able to get started are the other app developer and me. The others will have a couple of meetings before they know how to do stuff.

After the meeting I actually had more question marks in my eyes then I had before the meeting. It’s supposed to be the other way around. ?

End of rant!

Daily balance:

Expected expenses today:
Dinner at least

Expenses yesterday:
€ 0,00


€ 27,50 (travel expenses)

Expected income today:
€ 0,00

Income yesterday:
€ 0,00

€ 0,00

Current balance personal account:
€ 2,80

Current balance business account:
€ 128,94 – € 27,50 = € 101,44

€ 104,24

– IRS: € 46.534,16
– Business: € 21.999,26
– Personal:  € 8.163,66

Total Debt:
€ 76.697,98

Balance day 105:
– € 76.592,84

€ 6.545


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