Day 1145

I have some great news everyone!

Its a really weird message to be giving today but the message is that I’m finally FREE!

Its weird because about an hour ago we heard that The Netherlands is going into lockdown once again.

To be honest I don’t mind and I’m just ecstatic that I finally got this journey to its finish!

Just made my final payment to the IRS of €38,775.56 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

It took me a little more than 3 years to get rid of my debt.

So some might say. “Yo dude you failed your mission of Freedom in Two” and you are be absolutely right.


Back in 2017 when I started I thought my debt was about € 78k.

But after calculation and calculation it turned out that over the course of 3 years of interest and fines I paid off a little over €182k. 

Thats around $220k 😅

So I didn’t make the actual goal but I did more than twice that amount in just one year more.

You won’t hear me complaining 😁

I’m just so glad that I didn’t know this at the beginning of my journey. I might have lost all hope if I knew it would be nearing 200 thousand frickin’ euros.

I want to thank everybody especially in my personal life but also here in the community for the support I’ve gotten over the years.

I’m super grateful and I’m ready for my next financial goal.

What that is exactly I have no clue but I have the knowledge and experience that I can get around 200k (including living expenses and stuff) in 3 years.

I can live on almost no money at all and I’m good when I have a lot of money.

I will create a closing Freedom in Two podcast episode on how this journey has been, what I’ve learned and how things are now.

Have a great day today and hopefully you’re all doing well as well!



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