Day 12

Workshop part 2 of 2

Okay lets pick things up where we left them yesterday.

By now you have chosen one or more habits you want to incorporate into your life.

Let’s go to the next part of the process right away. How to hack your brain?

I’m not the best one in telling these brain things in excruciating detail but I have enough basic knowledge to give you the gist of it.

There are two parts of your brain that we are going to use to our benefit.

Basal ganglia
This is like the part of the brain that is really good at repetition. When you do things on auto-pilot this is where it happens.

Prefrontal cortex
This is the short-term thinking brain that wants to feel good right now and will give you tons of excuses why you shouldn’t do stuff like working out for an hour. Or should do stuff like smoke a cigarette right now.

They both have their benefits and starting today we’ll use them for building new habits.

We’re going to trick the prefrontal cortex into letting us do our new habit. The way to do this is to make the required habit so simple that it’s laughable.

Because it’s so small your prefrontal cortex will not throw any objections and that’s where the bonus reps come in.

When you’ve already started it’s easy to do just a little more. You don’t have to. Let this be clear. Don’t punish yourself because you didn’t do bonus repetitions. You’re already doing more than before. Celebrate that instead.


Exercise 3:

Minify your habit(s). Make a mini version of your new habit.


I’m going to workout for an hour in the gym.
becomes one of the following

  • I’ll drive to the gym
  • I’ll do one pushup
  • I’ll change into my workout clothes
  • I’ll changes clothes and press play on the workout video

For these examples. You probably won’t drive home after you’ve just driven to the gym that’s kind of silly. You probably will go in and do some exercises.

When you’ve done one pushup and you are already on the ground you might as well do a few extra.

When you already have you workout clothes on you might as well go for a run.

When you are watching a workout video in your workout clothes why not just join them in the workout.

Exercise 4:

What changes in your environment could you make to facilitate this new habit?


We’ll stay with the same example of working out.

  • Make sure your workout clothes and shoes are ready and in sight.
  • Make it publicly known what you’re doing and let them hold you accountable.
  • Make sure you have healthy food in your house
  • Create a goal/ vision board with that beach body on it that you want

Exercise 5:

Define your habit cues.

You can do this in multiple ways.

Link it to an existing habit or do it at a certain time


  • Before showering in the morning
  • Directly after work
  • At 3 pm on Monday and Thursday
  • After meditating
  • Sunday morning with a friend at 10 am

Bonus exercise:

Do it right now!

Please share your new habits in the comments and if you have difficulty coming up with minified versions let me know and I’ll help you.

Now you have the basic tools on how to create a new habit.

Onwards to the moneyz!

Day 12 balance:

Expected expenses today:
Very little

Expenses yesterday:
€ 13,38 (food)
€ 0,00

Expected income today:

Income yesterday:
€ 0,00

€ 1,15

Current balance personal account:
€ 57,78 – 13,38 = € 44,40

Current balance business account:
– € 36,22

€ 8,18

– IRS: € 46.534,16
– Business: € 22.016,58
– Personal: € 8.609,99

Total Debt:
€ 77.160,73

Balance day 12:
– € 77.152,55

€ 5.204,60


Completed reading this financial book:

Bob Proctor – You Were Born Rich

Page 166 of 166
100% read

Will start reading a new book tomorrow and I will do a book review on You Were Born Rich.

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