Day 127

For some reason I cannot get to editing podcast episode 15. Everything I think I have time something comes up and I end up not being able to do it that day…

Did a little editing yesterday evening but because of a customer urgency I ended up spending my evening fixing that. ?

Maybe this episode is just too awesome and the world isn’t ready for it yet. ?

Today is another crush it day! Working on my Police project and I think I can make about € 850 on it today! And make massive progress so that they will be happy tomorrow when they see the demo.

Tomorrow we’ll get the official confirmation whether or not we’ll do the back-end as well.

I believe we’ll get it ?

Have not been paid yet btw by them or the game company. One of the invoices is approved and lies on the To Pay pile.

The blog is really bite-sized at the moment. But maybe thats a good thing. I just don’t have that many new and profound things each day to make it compelling and ground breaking.

I’m open to suggestion on things you are interested in hearing.

I know my situation so I might have a few blindspots that I can shine some light on for you.

Jared says:

Not sure why he’s so passionate about this but I do feel him!

Lets make this a Wednesday to remember and let your awesomeness guide you! ?

Daily balance:

Expected expenses today:

Expenses yesterday:
€ 0,00

€ 0,00

Expected income today:
€ 0,00

Income yesterday:
€ 0,00

Balance personal account:
€ 283,14

Balance business account:
€ 5,02

€ 296,11

– IRS: € 46.534,16
– Business: € 21.610,26
– Personal:  € 8.163,66

Total Debt:
€ 76.308,98

Net worth day 126:
– € 76.012,87

€ 9.795


Currently reading this financial book:

Love Your Life Not Theirs: 7 Money Habits for Living the Life You Want

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