Day 149

The customer I surprised yesterday, that I told you about, was very happy with my email.

Quick summary:


Since my internet is so slow right now that I can’t find the right gif I will just write it out right here!

Lord of the Rings gif. A summary in 5 seconds. 

Frodo gets the ring (first second)

He goes and sees Gandalf (second second)

Gandalf summons his birds (third second)

They fly (fourth second)

Frodo tosses ring in the lava (fifth second)

The end!


This customer is struggling and his business was going really bad and couldn’t pay his bills. He’s kinda in the same boat as me. So I sent him an email telling him that he doesn’t have to pay the open invoice of €200 ($246) anymore and that I wish him well.

I actually didn’t tell you how I decided to do this.

It was during my morning routine and I was grateful for having the luxury that I am able to give and was in the middle of my gratitude exercise.

I saw this special van stopping in front of my building and I thought hey! That customer that does that still owes me money. The guy actually looked quite similar.

I could have been him… Then it hit me! I can also give things I haven’t received yet!

That’s f-ing brilliant right. I loved that insight.

When I say insight I literally mean that it came to me. I like the Dutch word way better because it completely describes what it is.

The word is: ingeving

You can’t really translate it but if I would try it while trying not to butcher it it would be something like this.

A thought that was given to me.

Not my thought but a thought that was given to me.

So there you have it.

Thanks for that brilliant insight!

Still trying to give away games but the account just has to grow. I just get bots on there right now.

I will grow it slowly but surely and this is gonna be huge. Might even become “bigger” than the @freedomintwo account.

Don’t really care about that in the sense of bigness but would love to use it to give more.

Enough for today.

See you guys tomorrow!


Daily balance:

Expected expenses today:

Expenses yesterday:
€ 0,00

€ 0,00

Expected income today:
€ 0,00

Income yesterday:
€ 0,00

Balance personal account:
€ 91,39

Balance business account:
€ 199,14

€ 294,48

– IRS: € 46.534,16
– Business: € 21.450,26
– Personal:  € 7.458,66

Total Debt:
€ 75.443,08

Net worth day 149:
– € 75.157,25

€ 6.345,00


Finished reading this financial book:

Love Your Life Not Theirs: 7 Money Habits for Living the Life You Want

Page 477 of 477
100% read

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