Day 156

Only got about 12 minutes to write this article. After that I’ve arrived at Leiden and need to go to work. 

So what did you think of the guest post yesterday?

I think it was pretty good and would love to have a follow up that goes more in-debt. 

For now you can just go to their blog to get some amazing content.

And follow them on instagram for bite-sized investing strategies.

I gave away another game yesterday! Monaco whats yours is mine. Although I switched it around.

Whats mine is yours.

Enjoy dadaniel104!

Today there is another Telltale game. Sam and Max Devils Playground.

Go get it at freegameaday.

Enough with the household announcements lets get to the real meat.

I’m constantly monitoring myself wheter or not im following my own advice.

All the words I said yeaterday.

Patience, gratitude, empathy, audacity, ego and what not.

I catch myself not doing it as well. Which is great because it gives me the opportunity to steer it towards the right path that I want go or be.

Just caught myself on an ego thought and I just shake it off immediatly and laugh about how ridiculous it actually is.

Super grateful that I’m getting better and better at this.

I think I love the adversities more now. This is partly because of Gary.

My default state is to turn it in something positive in like 2 seconds. But now I’m like f yes! This is awesome lets feel it a little bit more and then crush its f-ing face!

I can do anything and I can handle any situation.

Lets see what today brings!

I bet its lots of awesomeness.

Happy birthday sweetie! ??

Daily balance:

Expenses yesterday:
€ 47,69 (present)

€ 0,00

Income yesterday:
€ 0,00

Combined balance personal and business account:
€ 337,65

– IRS: € 46.534,16
– Business: € 21.450,26
– Personal:  € 7.458,66

Total Debt:
€ 75.443,08

Net worth day 156:
– € 75.120,13

€ 26.270


Currently reading this financial book:

Crush It!: Why NOW Is the Time to Cash In on Your Passion

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