Day 177

The weather is just unbelievable right now.

It’s getting harder and harder not to spend any money on extra stuff.

This weather makes we want to go out and have drinks on terraces in the sun.

Preferably expensive cocktails ?

I will hold off today!

When the budget allows for it I can use it to reward myself. 

Life is so good right now. 

Really curious to see where my next freelance jobs will come from. 

Probably from unexpected sources ?

I love how that works. Actually was talking to one of the startups at Ventures one…


Hold that thought. 

Holy shit!

I just realized something ?

I knew I created where I am now but holy cow.. even to this extend…

I literally wrote down that I wanted to work with startup minded people and thats exactly what I’m doing. 

Even the project for the police is startup like. 

Damn… that is amazing and spooky at the same time…

So where was I. 

Oh yeah! So I was talking to this founder of another startup and they’re looking for developers for their funding platform. 

I could do a lot of ruby on rails for them!

There’s a slight chance this might happen. But since I’m expecting this angle probably something completely different will happen. 

Which will be better or else it wouldnt happen. 

Thats kinda how I see life in general. 

Alright folks I’ll see you tomorrow for another train chronicles. 

Daily balance:

Expenses yesterday:
€ 11,60

€ 0,00

Income yesterday:
€ 0,00

Combined balance personal and business account:
€ 710,67

– IRS: € 46.534,16
– Business: € 21.450,26 – € 1.557,44 = € 19.892,82
– Personal:  € 7.458,66 – € 1.089,89 = € 6.368,77

Total Debt:
€ 72.795,75

Net worth day 178:
– € 72.085,28

€ 21.280


Currently reading this financial book:

The Thank You Economy

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