Day 33

Since I started this journey I’ve had so many great insights on how to use money. Especially the last few books I’ve read and the new one I started reading. The thing is.. Next to nothing has come in so far.

A few things will happen tomorrow. I’ll either have the freelance project or I don’t. No more delaying. I will have a meeting about a part-time freelance gig nearby. I’ll take a look at 3 lower priced houses (rent-wise).

This could cut my monthly rent expenses in half. Somewhere around € 400/ € 500 instead of € 825. That would still mean that I would have to pay the old rent two times and then it’s budget time!

I might be getting ahead of myself.  :’D

Last week I’ve been taking care of my mom (she’s doing so much better now!) and had no expenses whatsoever. That was obviously nice for a change. But I’m at the end of the road right now. Money needs to f-ing come in right about now.

The next rent is almost due and I told them I would probably pay both this months and next months rent before the 1st of December. Cutting it close…

How are other people in the #debtfreecommunity handling this?

One other thing I’m struggling with right now is other people paying for me. I know I would do the same for my friends but it sure feel crappy to let others pay for me.

I want to be able to provide for me and loved ones and at this rate it’s not really working out. I know I’m gonna be good in a week or so but I just don’t have any control at this point. Feels crappy and like I also have to pay them back. As if I’m still going deeper and deeper.

Rockbottom has been reached. The only way is up 😀

Nothing has changed in the balance but feel free to take a look…

Day 33 balance:

Expected expenses today:

Expenses yesterday:
€ 0,00
€ 0,00

Expected income today:

Income yesterday:
€ 0,00

€ 10,55

Current balance personal account:
€ 23,14

Current balance business account:
– € 12,87

€ 10,27

– IRS: € 46.534,16
– Business: € 22.005,03
– Personal: € 8.669,58

Total Debt:
€ 77.208,77

Balance day 33:
– € 77.198,50

€ 5.170,00


Currently reading this financial book:

The Automatic Millionaire, Expanded and Updated: A Powerful One-Step Plan to Live and Finish Rich

Page 338 of 834 (not actually that many pages.. font is pretty big on iBooks)
40% read

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